Rules of Addiction

World Made Of Lies Tour

Holy Jesus – Source TeeVee – Live at the Broken Arms

Source TeeVee – Live at the Broken Arms – Rules of Addiction – Holy Jesus from Source TeeVee Queenstown on Vimeo.

Recording Recording Recording!

We’re still at it hard in the studio! So far Animal (drums) and Axl (bass) have got their tracks laid… Al and Mo are half way through laying rhythm guitars. We’re targeting for a December release… we don’t mean to hold out on you guys, but we don’t want to rush the process. This has been a life goal for all of us getting an album out and we can’t wait to share it all! Keep checking back for updates, we’ll give sneak peaks wherever we can! We have some live dates coming up to announce soon so keep your eyes peeled for those also!

YouTube Cover Series

We have launched our YouTube Cover Series with our own drummer Animal smashing in to some Lamb of God. Check it below and subscribe to follow the covers we’ll be uploading over the rest of the year!

Quick Fix Tour Finished

Finally we are back in Queenstown with a fair few bruises and a shit load of memories to be reflected on from the Quick Fix tour. From K-road in Auckland to the Octagon in Dunedin, we’ve met some of the meanest people and heard some wicked tunes! We can’t thank all of the bands that helped us bring our sound to NZ enough… Eddie Ledderhead, Twist of Fate, Mirikachinest, Elephant of the Ocean, Stendhal, Deaths Door, Diamond Doll, Haze of Perdition, Golias and Uneven Ground – these guys are just fucking epic. Huge sounds, heaps of alcohol, awesome people, mean times. It was a pleasure to rock out with all you guys and gals.

Huge thanks to all that came out to the shows, without you doing this wouldn’t be possible! We can’t wait to see you all again!!

Auckland Venue Change

Due to unforeseen circumstances with Khuja Lounge venue, our gig on Thursday 12th April in Auckland will now be at Rising Sun, 372 Karangahape rd.

Can’t wait to see you crazy addicts there!!

Quick Fix Tour Continues!

We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter deal with the gigs so far. Absolutely sick performances from the supporting bands… Mirikachinist, Twist of Fate, Elephant of the Ocean, Stendhal, Death’s Door and of course Eddie Ledderhead… top performances and it’s been a fuckin’ metal treat having you guys along so far! Queenstown, Dunedin, Wellington and Palmerston North treated us so well, was heaps of fun rocking our asses off for you guys. We can’t wait to do it again!

So with this weekend coming up being our weekend off from tour, it gives us time to recuperate, reconfigure our battle plan, sink a few beers and smack our heads together for the upcoming Album we’re going in to preproduction for post tour.

We’re reloading our weapons Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga… we can’t wait to get down and dirty with you crazy bastards soon! Make sure to double check the dates and venues for the rest of the tour here: and come get your metal on with us!!

Queenstown… you RULE!!

Queenstown totally OWNED it for the opening night of our Quick Fix tour. Eddie Ledderhead, Twist of Fate, Mirikachinist were killer, warmed the mean moshing hurricane of metalheads up nice and good for our set… a night we definitely won’t forget any time soon!

See you Friday Dunedin!

Magazine Plug!

Got our first magazine plug by The Source!

Rules Of Addiction fuse rock, metal and punk into a jet engine of noise.
Its aggresive, energetic and in your face. This is muisc that is meant to be listened out loud – uncompromising, with the throttle pinned and the volume turned to eleven.

The Young QT four-piece is off to a promising start with a four track EP in the can, a music vid making the rounds of the YouTubes and a nationwide tour about to kick off. Come feel the noise on March 16th when they rock the Dux De Lux in QT.

For more information on tour dates check out our Live page and join the Facebook Event if you plan to attend one or more of the dates!

Quick Fix Summer Tour 2012 Announced!

In support of their Debut 4 track E.P. and video “Medicine”, Rules Of Addiction are bringing their fix of metal, punk, rock and attitude for those that need a hit of the good stuff, with the Quick Fix Summer Tour 2012

Crossing boundaries with their honest and controversial view on political, religious, social, and illegal mistrust, Queenstown’s Rules Of Addiction are set to make some noise in a brutal effort to be heard.

For their first tour of the year, covering both the North and South Island, Rules Of Addiction will be playing alongside some of the best up and coming Metal, Punk, Rock, Thrash, Noise acts in this country, including Twist Of Fate (DUN), Elephant Of The Ocean (WLGTN), Stendhal (WLGTN), Deaths Door (P-NRTH) plus more to be announced.


Queenstown New Zealand based RULES OF ADDICTION are a four piece rock, metal, punk band with an international infused line up consisting of Brazil, England and New Zealand.

Seeing an opportunity for an even bigger and much more intense sound former members of THE FLAMING DRIVERS, PARANOID CIRCLE and FALTER STATE cut ties with their former projects to work on their new vision…. RULES OF ADDICTION.

After only being together for a period of 4 months, Rules Of Addiction have recorded their first E.P, released their first single/video clip and are now ready to embark on their first tour across New Zealand.
Former fans of the above bands will not be disappointed with the new direction and sound of Mo (Guitar/Vocals), Al (Guitar/Vocals), Axl (Bass) and Jordan (Beats).

FREE DOWNLOAD of Rules Of Addictions Debut E.P.


Forming in late 2008, Twist of Fate combined straight forward metal stylings with punk sensibilities to unleash a unique brand of music upon the Dunedin scene. The departure of original drummer Dom and the recruitment of Mike Mitchell in 2010/2011 saw a reinventing of the band, complete with a brand new sound. Now heavier than ever before, Twist of Fate combine crushing riffs with progressive structures to create songs with hints of various metal subgenres.

Twist of Fate deliver an energetic live performance, having shared the stage with such NZ music heavyweights as 8 Foot Sativa and Kitsch.

Currently the band are writing new material for a debut album to be released later in 2012

THE FU KINGS (Dunedin)

Destination Unknown


Elephant of the Ocean (EOTO) has been punishing crowds around Wellington since early 2009, with their high-energy live shows, unpredictable song structures and intense onslaught of sludgey grooves.
Although EOTO are fairly new they are no strangers to the stage with all members previously involved with other bands such as Damn Image, Fat mannequin and Worn Villain.
After starting off playing small shows they swiftly progressed onto bigger stages playing along side international heavyweights such as Russian Circles, The Melvins, High on Fire and Five Star Prison Cell, they have now been dubbed as one of NZ’s best live heavy acts, an absolute must see for all!

Genre: Dumb Math/Brown Metal
Members: Ross Balfour: Vocals/Samples
Edward Brackenbury Gray: Bass
Tim Clough: Drums/Percussion
Nathaniel Rawiri: Guitar/Backing Vocals/Percussion

Hometown, Wellington
About: Music/Noise/Love/Hate
Description: Hideousness!

FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD of “Torso looking for legs”
Vist the bandcamp website below

STENDHAL (Wellington)

Carl, Nick and Si, 3 pieces of noisy.
Stendhal; rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations when the individual is exposed to art, usually when the art is particularly beautiful or a large amount of art is in a single place. Reaction to a surfeit of choice in other circumstances, e.g. when confronted with immense beauty in the natural world.

DEATHS DOOR (Palmerston North)

Neckbreaking Metal Members, Vocals: Gray, Guitar: Antz, Bass: Dani, Guitar: Bevan, Drums: Pickles (Ben)
Hometown: Palmerston North
Bringing METAL to the masses. An onslaught of originals aswell as a few tastey covers by Lamb of God, Bring Me The Horizon, Devil Driver and the mighty 8 Foot SATIVA!!!!

GOLIAS (Auckland)

Genres: Metal / progressive / buzzy
Members: Robert Porter – Vocals / Daniel Little – Bass Guitar / Connor Mesa – Guitar / Martin Yousif – Drums
Golias was formed in early 2011 after the band ‘Lotus’ decided to undergo a lineup change after having formed the band in the members first years at Manurewa High School and continued to develop their sound along with their musical skill, slowly progressing and constantly changing the band started developing new and innovative music as instrumentals for two and a half years as they were leaving high school at a hired storage shed that allowed the band to be able to practice at any time of the day with no sound control issues. In 2011 through MAINZ (Music Audio Institute of New Zealand) where two of the band members studied in music met Robert Porter through one of the members classes and instantly the band knew that after 3 years they had found their vocalist and introduced Rob as lead vocals and in a matter of weeks were already merging their influences with one another thus producing the current sound that is Golias.

More acts to be announced soon…
$5 On The Door, Cash Only \m/
(Unless Otherwise Stated)

QUEENSTOWN @ DuxDeLux (14 Church St), 16th March with Twist Of Fate and Guests.

DUNEDIN @ 12 Below (12 Moray Place), 23rd March with Twist Of Fate and The Fu Kings.

WELLINGTON @ Bar Medusa (154 Vivian Street), 30th March with Elephant of the Ocean and Stendhal.

PALMERSTON NORTH @ The Royal (44 Rangitikei Street), 31st March with Elephant of the Ocean, Stendhal and Deaths Door.

AUCKLAND @ Kuijha Lounge (Level 3/536 Queen Street), 12th April with Golias and Guests.

HAMILTON @ Biddy Mulligans (742 Victoria Street), 13th April with Special Guests.

MT MAUNGANUI @ Brewers Bar (107 Newton St), 14th April with Special Guests.

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